Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last update: 10th April 2019

Web cookies are little files that are stored in your browser when you visit this website and serve as a kind of “short term memory” for your browsing session. This document details how they are used by this website and in which way they impact your privacy: you can also read the Privacy Policy to know how your personal data we collect is stored and processed, for which purposes, what are your rights and how to contact us.

Functional cookies

Some cookies are installed in your browser because they are necessary for the website to work correctly. For example, they are used to remember who you are, whether you are logged in the website or not (and what is your user account) and what are your preferences, like for example what is your preferred language for browsing the website. Such cookies are not used to track or profile you.

Analytics cookies

Some cookies are installed in your browser to track your visits in order to provide analytics data that we use to understand how our website is used, to improve it and to detect fraud and abuse. Such cookies are used for tracking, but not for individual user profiling. Data gathered thanks to this tracking is never used for direct marketing: again, see the Privacy Policy for more information on how your personal data is processed and what are your rights.

We recognize your right to opt out from tracking, and we honor the Do Not Track (DNT) header. Please check your browser’s documentation to learn how to set it.