Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last update: 15th April 2019

This document regulates the online purchasing of products on the website www.saturalanx.eu. When you purchase products on this website, a purchasing contract is implicitly put in place between you and Irene Regini (from here on referred as “we” or “us”), resident in Rue Edith Cavell 193A, 1180 Uccle – Belgium, according to the terms detailed in this document. When you confirm your purchase through our web shop, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. You also declare that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. If you do not agree with any of these documents, the purchase cannot continue.

You can contact us either by physical mail or by electronic mail at the address saturalanx@saturalanx.eu. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us before making a purchase if you do not fully understand or accept these terms.

Please write us if you have a problem that you do not find satisfactorily solved by these terms and conditions: we are willing to find a good compromise for both parties, if it is possible. If such an informal mediation is not acceptable for either you or us, then the formal terms and conditions will be followed.

Price and purchasing

In order to make a purchase on our web shop, you have to visit our shop web application with your browser and select the products and the quantities that you intend to buy. When you proceed to checkout, a complete summary of all the products you intend to buy, their prices and the total price of your order (possibly including taxes, shipping costs and other fees) will be presented to you: you have to review it carefully, and make sure that such products and prices are conforming to your intentions.

At this stage you are also required to provide us, through the dedicated web form, your full name, billing address, contact point (email and/or telephone) and, when applicable, shipping address. You declare that such data is correct and complete; in particular, you accept responsibility in case we cannot fulfill our contract obligations or communicate with you because you gave us incorrect or incomplete information. It is forbidden to enter made up data, or data that corresponds to persons other than you.

In case you are registered on our website, some fields might already have been filled up with the values you set previously for your convenience. You are still required to check and possibly amend them, and you accept the same responsibilities as above.


Unless the total price of your order is zero (which can happen, for example, if you only buy free products, or if you obtain a discount), when you check out your order you also need to select a payment method. There are currently two available methods:

  • Payment by direct bank transfer: you need to order your bank a money transfer to our account, corresponding to your payment. The confirmation page will contain the details of our account and the amount you have to send us to complete the payment. The same information will also be sent you by email. Your order will be accepted immediately, but put on hold until we receive your payment. Once we receive your payment in our account, we will resume processing your order.
  • Payment by credit card (via Stripe): you will have to enter your credit card details in the dedicated form. We will not receive your payment information: it will be directly sent to Stripe, our payment processor, and we have no way to intercept or discover it. Therefore, we are not responsible for any fraudulent or inappropriate usage of your payment information. At the payment processor’s discretion, further checks might take place: in such case you will be redirected to one or more external web pages where such checks are implemented. You have to follow the proposed flow until your payment is either accepted or refused, and you are redirected back to our website.

You alone are responsible for performing the payment correctly. In particular, we are not responsible if you cannot conclude your payment, either because of insufficient funds, or because the involved financial institutions reject the payments for any reason. In any case, your order will be considered complete and processed from our side only once your payment has been cleared in our account.


All products currently available in our web shop are only available as downloadable digital goods, which require no physical shipping. As soon as the payment is verified on our side, you receive by email a link to download the products you have purchased. You can also retrieve them from the website if you are a registered user. The downloadable files will be available for a period of at least one month, during which you will be able to access them at least a hundred (100) times. The downloadable files will be available in a standard and unencrypted format commonly used for that type of material. The availability period and number of downloads only limit your ability to download the products you purchased from our website, but do not limit your usage of the product, subject to the conditions below. Once the availability period or the number of downloads is over, it will be your responsibility to properly store and backup your copies of the product.

You are responsible for purchasing, installing and configuring the appropriate hardware and software platforms required to reproduce or otherwise consume the products you purchased from our website. We are not responsible for providing you help or any technical mean to do so. We are not responsible for your inability to access the purchased products due to hardware or software technical failures on your side.


If, after having purchased a product, you realize that it does not correspond to your intentions, you have the right to recede from the purchase, provided that all the following conditions are met:

  • You decide to recede and communicate us your intention (via a simple email message) before a month has elapsed since your purchase.
  • In case of a downloadable product, you have not downloaded the product yet.

After we have received and verified your request to recede from a purchase, we will disable your order and the corresponding access to the related downloadable products, and we will contact you to determine the most convenient method to process the reimbursement. In any case, we will not reimburse bank and shipping fees, when they apply.


While all our products are made with the highest possible quality standards, they are sold to you as they are, without any explicit or implicit warranty; in particular, there is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and no warranty that they are free from mistakes and defects. Also, while we believe that our products can be useful as learning tools, there is no warranty on the results and learning level you can reach in any time frame.

We are not responsible for your inability to use our products as a result of conditions that are not under our control, like the unavailability of our web platforms due to technical problems, computer attacks, excessive load or software problems. If the persistence of such conditions makes you unable to receive the products you purchased, you can recede from your purchase as detailed above.


The products you purchase on this website are, in general, copyrighted by their creators. With your purchase no copyright is transferred to you, but you receive a perpetual, worldwide and non revocable license to:

  • Read, play or reproduce the product for your personal use.
  • Make other personal copies to have it available on multiple devices or to back it up.

You are not authorized to copy the product to other people, to share it publicly, to use it in derived works or to use it commercially, unless you have received an explicit authorization by the copyright holders.