About Satura Lanx

In November 2017, I started publishing my podcast, and, having to decide a name, I went for Satura Lanx. Why? Let me explain.

The latin word lanx refers to a kind of tray used to serve food. So, a lanx satura would be a tray overflowing with a great variety of abundant food, mostly the first and most exquisite fruits of the season, from which everyone could easily get satisfied and which would be an appropriate offering to gods. Already in the antiquity, the Romans started to use this expression, lanx satura, to refer to a particular litterarary genre, which has been called the satura ever since. As the name itself suggests, the distinguishing trait of the satire was originally its multiplicity and variety, both in subjects and in language and style.

Roman mosaic showing a fruit tray and some birds and fishes.

So, since there are many subjects, authors and works which I am curious about and which I would like to explore and to share with you, I chose this name…to not having to choose!

According to its name, my podcast features a variety of subjects, ranging from the reading and interpretation of various texts written in Latin to my review of the last books I read (not necessarily in Latin). Sometimes, I simply talk about my everyday life. I also plan to offer some interviews…

So, it felt natural to give the same name to this website, which I will gradually fill up with audiobooks, tales, learning resources, and almost anything as long as it is written in Latin or Greek. In this way, I would like to offer an overflowing tray to anyone who – like me – is hungry of ancient knowledge and literature. That’s why you will find here not only the so called classical works, but also texts from the Middle Ages and from Renaissance, as well as something more recent.

As a matter of fact, there are so many wonderful works, which are sometimes very little known, that explore every field of human knowledge: literature and poetry, indeed, but also science, religion, philosophy and many others. My project is to make available here the work of different authors, who have lived in different ages and places and who specialised in different subjects.

I will also try my best to provide materials for those who are just beginning to learn Greek and Latin, but already want to taste some fruits from the literary satura lanx (here’s a good starting point).