About me

About me

Salvete! My name is Irene Regini, and I was born in Milan, Italy, 25 years ago.

It all started when, during high school, I was lucky enough to have a great classical languages teacher: she used Familia Romana and Roma Aeterna, the books by Ørberg, for Latin, and Athenaze for Greek. So, thanks to that wonderful teacher I got to learn the basis of both languages, immediately falling in love with them. Yet, just knowing the basis did not satisfy me: I wanted to get so familiar with that languages, that I could easily read and understand any text ever written. And already at that time, it was clear to me that no one can really learn a language – any language – if they are not consistently reading, writing, speaking and listening to it. So, I started attending the meetings of the Sodalitas Latina Mediolanensis, the spoken Latin circle in Milan, and going to some of the Latin speaking weeks and events that were organised in summer. Doing so, while I was gradually learning to express myself in Latin, I also got to know some wonderful people, and to build some everlasting friendship.

The first real turning point was in 2010, when, still a young girl, I participated the meeting Monumenta viaeque, in the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome. The entire week was meant to show and debate about the methods and practices we can use to teach Latin. There, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to teachers and professors from all over the word, who were so competent, so passionate about Latin and all the human values that come with the classical culture, that it suddenly became clear to me: I wanted to teach, too!

After finishing the high school, I was admitted to Scuola Normale in Pisa, where I specialised in classics. That was also the time when I got to pick up some new passions related to the classical languages, such as philology and paleography.

But what about speaking Latin, and teaching? As a matter of fact, the more I had to dive in academic studies, the less time I had to care about those things, which my professors did not seem to value. It was as if the fire of passion, that used to burn me before, was somehow blowing out.

At last I graduated from the university, I also got married, and then, following the fate, I moved to Brussels, where I am currently living. Here, the passion for a more living form of Latin took me over again, and I now teach in many different places, experimenting different methods and having the opportunity to teach different kinds of students. I will just mention teaching in Schola Nova and in the online courses offered by Athena Nova.

What’s next? I don’t know, but there is one thing that I am certain about: nothing is funnier and more valuable than to keep learning, teaching, and teach what I learn and learn as I teach – and do it over and over again.

Although there are many things I find interesting, languages are my main passion – not only Greek and Latin, but many others. So, if I ever manage to give you a glimpse of art and beauty through languages and litterature, I guess I could say that I am fulfilled.