Do I offer private lessons?

This is a question I get very frequently, so I think it deserves an answer here.

No, I don’t offer private lessons or tutoring at the moment. There is good news, however: I prepared a complete video course, and I also offer personal support for students in the course. The course is based on LLPSI (“Familia Romana” by Hans H. Ørberg), including lots of additional readings and complementary resources.

You can enroll in the course only during certain times of the year. The best way to be informed of the next opening is to get this free lesson on Catullus, Carmen III. Besides the free lesson, you will get wonderful* emails on a regular basis, and occasional updates about the course.

* I wouldn’t call them wonderful if you didn’t write me every single day telling how much you love reading them:


Mihi bene facit te legere, exspecto donum tuum quod in proxima epistula electronica venit. Ergo, gratias plurimas.


Dear Irene, that’s wonderful! Thank you so much.


Gratias magistra. This made my day!


Salve Irene, that’s very interesting indeed and fun to know! I very much appreciate the motivation you inspire in a Latin novice like me.


¡Maravilloso! Gracias por estos pequeños mensajes de conocimiento e información.


This is one of the rare subscriptions that I really enjoy reading.