The podcast

Amici et amicae Latine loquentes, ubicumque terrarum estis, salvete!

Since November 2017, I publish a new episode of my podcast twice in a month, where I talk about various subjects in Latin. The podcast’s name is Satura Lanx.

You can find in this page the latest episode. If you want to listen to the previous ones, you can do it on Podomatic, Twitter, and Facebook. In case you prefer to listen to the podcast on your smartphone, you can search for it on iTunes.

Why do I do it?

If you are wondering why I decided to record my own voice and start publishing a podcast, listen to the first episode. Most importantly, I wanted to improve my ability to speak Latin on impromptu. Yet, it’s not a secret that we all learn from our mistakes!

Although I strive to offer you a language as correct as possible, be careful! Of course there are mistakes in my speeches, and my Latin is certainly not the purest. So, please, be benevolent as you listen: take what is good, and leave the rest.

Other podcasts

Luckily I am not the only one publishing a Latin podcast. There are many other friends who broadcast their emissions (not only in Latin, but also in Greek!). You can find here an almost complete list.