Satura Lanx

Satura what?

In November 2017, I started publishing my podcast, and, having to decide a name, I went for Satura Lanx. Why? Let me explain.

Lanx, in Latin, is a kind of tray used to serve food. So, a lanx satura would be a tray overflowing with a great variety of abundant food, mostly the first and most exquisite fruits of the season. Everyone could pick their favourite fruit from the tray, and eat until satisfaction. Most of all, the lanx would be offered to gods to bring about the richest of harvests.

Already in the antiquity, the Romans started to use this expression, lanx satura, to refer to a particular literarary genre, which has been called the satura ever since. As the name itself suggests, the distinguishing trait of the satire was originally its multiplicity and variety, both in subjects and in language and style.

So, that’s what I want to do: offer a variety of Latin texts, from all ages and kinds, available to beginners. Because Latin literature is beautiful, and I’m persuaded that anyone can taste – and deserves to taste – some of this beauty, even at the very beginning of their journey into Latin.


Hi, I’m Irene, 26, Italian living in Belgium and founder of Satura Lanx.

I love learning, and teaching. Most of all, I love learning while I’m teaching.

I love teaching to beginners, so that I can be the one who shows them the beauty of Latin.

I love Latin, ├ža va sans dire. I can speak Latin, but I make mistakes sometimes.

I love almost every language, but I don’t like English very much, and it shows – but I have to use it anyway.

I love palaeography (that is, reading ancient scripts that seem unreadable) and I love philology (that is, spotting manuscripts and finding convincing ways to guess which was the real text of the Aeneid of Virgil, pretending that we didn’t guess).

I love my husband and I love babies, so we made one. Also, as soon as she begins to say her first words, she will be used for linguistic experiments – but with love.

I love singing – sacred music in particular, so that I can speak Latin also when I’m singing.

I love running, trekking, cooking and tidying up, because I can listen to podcasts meanwhile.