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How to learn Latin

How to teach yourself Latin everyday and everywhere

Although writing and speaking to someone else are great ways to learn Latin, we don’t always have the chance to sit and write, and we don’t always have a Latin speaking friend at hand. What can we do instead? I give you three ideas that can be practiced everywhere and at any time, without any particular equipment. Although nothing prevents that you write something down, if you wish, these exercises are particularly suitable to be made orally – or even silently in your mind, if you don’t like to draw the attention of all the passer-by. The principle at the

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How to boost your Latin in 2020

Have you always wanted to pick Latin up again after a long time, but did not find the time or the motivation? Are you dreaming about being able to wholly read (and understand) an original work in Latin by the end of this year? Have you been postponing your wish to find a spoken Latin community in your area for too long? Have you been wondering about how much you could benefit if you switched from an auto didactical approach to the commitment to a more structured Latin course? Well, there is no better moment to take a serious resolution,

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