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In praise of notebooks (and friendships)

While I was reorganizing my old high school notes some days ago, I found some little notebooks, which I used to bring with me every time I went to a summer Latin conventiculum. For those of you who have not attended one yet, conventicula, or septimanae Latinae, or Latin summer schools, are events that are organized every summer around the world. They can last a minimum of a few days to a week or more, during which participants attend Latin lessons for different levels by some (usually very good) teachers. In the afternoon or at night, they are often offered

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How to boost your Latin in 2020

Have you always wanted to pick Latin up again after a long time, but did not find the time or the motivation? Are you dreaming about being able to wholly read (and understand) an original work in Latin by the end of this year? Have you been postponing your wish to find a spoken Latin community in your area for too long? Have you been wondering about how much you could benefit if you switched from an auto didactical approach to the commitment to a more structured Latin course? Well, there is no better moment to take a serious resolution,

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